Back to School Season is Here!

Tips for keeping yours and your child’s vision healthy:

  • Teach your child the “20-20 Rule”. Adults and kids alike can benefit from taking 20-second breaks from the computer every 20 minutes. These breaks minimize the development of eye focusing problems and eye irritation. Recent studies show that our increased device and computer usage is causing early myopia (nearsighted vision). What early myopia means to you and your family is that they may need glasses earlier in life for distance vision due to a lack of focusing on objects further away than a computer monitor.
  • Did you know that 80% of a child’s learning is based on vision? Book your child a Back To School eye exam. School site tests do not check on the health of the eye which is important to monitor in kids both young and old!
  • Think someone has pink eye? Pop on by our office anytime. We offer walk-in pink eye appointments for your peace of mind.

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