Royal Oak Optometry is excited to offer BlephEx™, a brand new in-office treatment for blepharitisBlepharitis Model

The symptoms of blepharitis can be uncomfortable and irritating, and for some patients it can be difficult to eliminate completely using conventional treatments. Now, with the quick and painless BlephEx™ treatment, no one has to live with the chronic itching, burning and dryness that comes with lid inflammation.

How does it work?

Blepharitis is cause by the overgrowth of bacteria along the eyelid at the base of the eyelashes. This in turn traps debris along the lid margin and over time leads to low grade inflammation of the eyelids. People with blepharitis often experience dry, red, itchy eyes that may come with a burning sensation. To learn more about blepharitis, visit the Eye School section of our website.

BlephEx™ is a system designed to clear this debris and restore the eye lids to a normal and healthy state. This is done by using the patented BlephEx™ hand-piece to precisely and carefully spin a medical grade micro-sponge along the lash line. In doing so we are able to safely and effectively clear debris and exfoliate the eyelids. BlephEx™ is painless procedure that is performed in-office by your eye care professional and only takes about 6-8 minutes.  It’s a treatment that is very well tolerated and most patients report nothing more than a gentle tickling sensation.

The results of a BlephEx™ treatment go beyond what can be accomplished with conventional approaches such as lid wipes alone. Once your treatment has been completed, your optometrist will instruct you on home care for effective lid hygiene. Since home treatments are limited, it is often recommended that BlephEx™ treatments be done at 4-6 month intervals to prevent further symptoms of blepharitis.

For more information about BlephEx™, watch the video below. You can also make an appointment online, or give us a call .