Child smiling in class with glasses

Did you forget this Back to School necessity?

A fresh school year has started and you’ve made sure your child has everything they need:

☑️School supplies
☑️Lunch kit
🔲Eye Exam?

But, has your child had an eye exam in the last year? Learning is 80% visual and one in every four children have vision-related learning difficulties. Kids should have an eye exam from 6 months of age and repeated every year. MSP covers the cost of yearly eye exams until youths are 19 years old.

Child receiving eye exam with an optometrist

You might say, “My kid has never complained of not being able to see!” Children are experts at adapting, and often show no signs that they have visual difficulties. They can’t tell us what they’re missing if they can’t see it to begin with! Sometimes kids don’t even know what leaves look like on trees until they put on their first pair of glasses.

Royal Oak Optometry’s eye exams test for visual acuity as well as many other common (and often symptom-less) sight-threatening conditions. Routine eye exams, especially for children, are an important part of keeping our bodies healthy – and making sure you can see the whiteboard from the back of the class!

Make sure the student in your family has all the tools they need this school year and schedule them an eye exam. You can book an eye exam online or call 250-479-8206.

Best wishes from our team at Royal Oak Optometry for a successful school year – for kids and parents alike!

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