How to Book a Dry Eyes ConsultationFatigued mature woman taking off glasses suffering from dry eye

  1. If you are not already a patient at Royal Oak Optometry, give our office a call at 250-479-8206.
  2. We require a current (within the last 24 months) eye exam. Click here to book an eye exam with Royal Oak Optometry, or call our office at 250-479-8206 if your exam results are with another optometrist.
  3. Once you are on file as a patient at Royal Oak Optometry, with a current eye exam, you are ready to fill out the form below and book a dry eyes consultation! Appointments can also be scheduled by phone, by calling 250-479-8206.

What treatments are available for my dry eyes?

woman with brown hair using an eye drop bottleThere are many treatments for dry eye disease, therefore the best treatment will depend on the condition’s cause. Here at Royal Oak Optometry, we offer treatments that involve light, heat, and non-invasive physical procedures. Some of our treatments include Intense Pulsed Light (IPL), Radiofrequency (RF), and ZEST.

We also provide in-office high heat massage; Blephex, which is a treatment for blepharitis; and sell eye drops over-the-counter (or by prescription when required). In cases of tear duct or eyelid problems, we refer to oculoplastic surgeons.