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Eyezen Lenses by Essilor

Eyezen lenses are designed for the age of connection. Computers, tablets and smartphones have changed our world over the past few decades giving us access to anything we need to know, right at our fingertips. As the use of the devices skyrockets, so does the demand on our eyes. With variable reading distances, harmful blue-violet light and smaller pixelated characters, many people are starting to suffer from visual fatigue.

Essilor has heard your struggles and is responding with an incredible solution: Eyezen Lenses.
Through extensive research, Essilor has designed a protective lens with two unique technologies:

1. Eyezen Focus Lens
This offers extra power optimized to the wearer, supporting the eyes efforts for those up-close handheld devices.

2. Light Scan
A unique light filtering technology the protect the eyes from the harmful blue-violet light that powers your screen.

Eyezen lenses are available in single-vision and multi-focal options for permanent or occasional wear.

Check out this video from Essilor for more information and to see these lenses in action.