Christmas presents and lights

Happy Holidays to You and Yours

The festive season is upon us, and we wish you quality time with loved ones!

Happy Holidays from Royal Oak Optometry in Saanich, Victoria BC

While there are lots of holidays coming up this month, there’s also the very Canadian holiday: Boxing Day.

The earliest stories of Boxing Day were more about giving than getting. During the Middle Ages, the day after Christmas was often the day churches would open their Alms (or collections) box and distribute to the poor. There’s also the classic Christmas carol “Good King Wenceslas.” Wenceslas, King of Bohemia in the 10th century, was looking out on his land on December 26. He sees a poor man gathering winter fuel during a bitter storm. Moved, the King (and his page) gathered up surplus food, drink, and firewood, and carried them through the blizzard to the poor man.

We here at Royal Oak Optometry believe in the same spirit of giving. For those less fortunate, we accept donations of glasses that are no longer in use for the Lions Recycle for Sight program. This is a fantastic program which allows unused glasses to change someone else’s life. These recycled glasses are distributed to people in need all over the world.

You’re welcome to include your email address with your donated glasses. When your old glasses find their way to a new home, sometimes the wearers like to send a thank you message or picture of them enjoying your glasses!

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