Illustration of a woman with glasses reading a menu and a mobile device

Lose your Readers!

Tired of having to switch glasses to read a menu, computer screen, or book? Why not lose your readers with multifocal contact lenses, available now at Royal Oak Optometry!

As middle age approaches, many people understand the challenge of trying to stay active, let alone struggling with bothersome reading glasses needed to read wearable devices and smart phones to track their heart rate, exercise, calorie burn or even their golf score.

The need for clear vision in the gym, on the field or fairway, and on-the-go is vital and research shows the loss of focus can have both functional and emotional impacts. In fact, a new survey shows that almost half of adults say reading glasses not only make someone look older, they also make them feel older.

Constantly putting them on and taking them off – stashing pairs about, but forever searching for them – makes those with aging eyes long for the days they could leave the house without a pair of glasses.

But now, multifocal contact lenses are available to correct the vision of people with presbyopia, an eye condition that often occurs following the age of 40, and involves the gradual loss of the eye’s ability to actively focus on close objects.

That’s why Royal Oak Optometry is now fitting aging clients with the latest technology in multifocal contact lenses and working with Alcon Canada, a global leader in vision care, to launch an online awareness campaign loseyourreaders.ca, to help Canadians learn more about advances in vision care.

If you’re interested in learning more, contact the office by calling (250) 479-8206.

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