Instant diagnosis of flashes and floaters!

Royal Oak Optometry is proud to include Optos optomap retinal imaging in all adult eye exams and as an optional feature for children 18 and under.

Taking this incredible wide-field picture takes less than two seconds and can provide critical vision-saving information to our doctors. Optos optomap retinal imaging allows our doctors to discover, diagnose, document, and treat ocular diseases which may first show up in the outside areas of your retinas. The early detection of any retinal abnormality is important to maintaining your ocular and overall health. In most cases of eye disease (in the early stages) you will experience no signs or symptoms.

Retinas often show early stages of diseases such as diabetes, stroke and some cancers before you experience other symptoms. Having a complete eye exam which includes a retinal health exam is an important part of maintaining your eye health, vision, and overall wellbeing.

Why is an Optos optomap image better than a traditional retinal image?

Optos optomaps capture a high-resolution image of your retina which is more than 80% or 200 degrees of the retina. With traditional retinal imaging, only 45 degrees of the retina can be captured in a single image.  Optos optomap increases the size of the retina captured by 200% compared to the closest traditional imaging device!

Optos optomap Retinal Imaging at Royal Oak Optometry

Optos optomap retinal imaging available at Royal Oak Optometry


How does Optos optomap imaging work?

Unlike full-spectrum white light used in traditional retinal imaging devices, optomap technology incorporates low-powered laser wavelengths that scan simultaneously and create a panoramic, digital, high-resolution, and 200 degree view of the retina.

Is the optomap safe?

The optomap lasers are low intensity and non-invasive – in over 40 million images, no side effects have been found. The optomap is completely painless and only takes less than two seconds to complete. You will not need to have your eyes dilated for the exam, so you can even drive afterward. The optomap is safe for children and they love to see the amazing images of their retina!

optomap image example


Source: Optos