Dr. Zareen Charania of Royal Oak Optometry, Victoria BC

Q. & A. with Dr. Zareen Charania

How long have you worked in optics?

A: 11 years as an optometrist.

Q: What’s your favourite part about optometry?

A: I love it all! Medically speaking, it’s very rewarding to share knowledge with people so they become aware of the importance of eye care.

Examining children is another favourite. Any chance you have to optimize vision and diagnose hidden binocular vision concerns creates another level of confidence and success for these kids. Children may be seeing 20/20 on an eye chart but the eyes have to be working in tandem with each other or else there is a large disconnect between what the eyes see and what the brain interprets.

From a social standpoint, I enjoy meeting new people, visiting with returning patients and building relationships in the community. And we most certainly can’t leave out the fashion aspect of seeing individuals find the perfect frames or contact lenses that suit their lifestyle, look, and needs. Combine that with their best potential vision and you’ve found the key to optimal performance!

Q: What is your favourite pair of glasses?

A: Tricky question, because I think there are so many wonderful styles out there. My favourite sunglasses would be Maui Jims. My favourite frames would have to be our new Kate Spade Collection – it’s beautiful, funky and classy all wrapped up in one!

Q: What is your favourite food?

A: Yes, it’s still my mom’s cooking! ….and sushi.

Q: Favourite Victoria activity?

A: Anything active or outside with my family – my kids love parks, pools, bike trails, and ice cream shops!


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