Welcome to Royal Oak Optometry located in beautiful Victoria, BC

The office of Drs. Zareen Charania, Gurpreet Leekha, Nadia Malik, Vidhi Bhatt, Mark Paquette, and Trenton CameronΒ is located in the Royal Oak Shopping Centre in Victoria, BC.

We have been serving patients in the Victoria community for over 30 years. From infants and children to adults and grandparents, our family practice welcomes you!

Our optometrists provide comprehensive eye exams while screening your eyes for early signs of glaucoma, cataracts, macular degeneration, and many other common sight-threatening conditions. Learn more about the services we offer.

Most of all we strive to offer the best service and most extensive selection of eyewear, sunwear, and contact lenses to fit all your needs.

Regular eye examinations are an important part of maintaining your best possible vision and eye health.

Please call our office for an appointment today, 250-479-8206 orΒ BOOK ONLINE.
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Royal Oak Optometry's own Dr. Gurpreet Leekha Awarded BC Optometrist of the Year. Standing next to awarding host for a posed two shot photo on stage.

Dr. Gurpreet Leekha Awarded BC Optometrist of the Year

Royal Oak Optometry’s Dr. Gurpreet Leekha won the BC Doctors of Optometry Optometrist of the Year award for his outstanding work in 2023. The announcement came at the 2024 BCDO Annual Conference & OPTOFAIR.   What is BCDO? BC Doctors of Optometry, or BCDO, is a non-profit organization aiming to uphold patient care standards, advocate...

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Happy Father's Day! 😎 We are celebrating father's and father figures today. Thank you for all that you do!

Please enjoy our dad joke of the day πŸ‘‡

Q. What did one eye say to the other eye? πŸ‘€
A. Just between us, something smells! πŸ‘ƒ
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πŸ—“οΈ Please note, on Wednesday May 29th, we will be closed from 12pm πŸ•› to 130pm πŸ•œ for our monthly staff meeting!
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πŸ’“ Sending extra love today to all moms, those missing their moms, the mother figures, and the motherly role models who we carry with us every day. πŸ‘

Our hours for April 24, 2024 will look a little different!

πŸ“  12 pm to 1:30 pm we'll be closed for a staff meeting
🎈At 4 pm we'll close early for the day for a staff event

April is Presbyopia Awareness Month! This is a normal part of aging that can be frustrating but your eye doctor can help!

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On April 5th, our very own Dr. Leekha received the BC Doctors of Optometry Optometrist of the Year Award for his outstanding work in 2023. We are so proud!

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🐰 Hoppy long weekend! Royal Oak Optometry will be closed from March 29th to 31st and will reopen on April 1st at 8:30am. 🐣 Looking for a fun Easter craft? Check out the link in our profile for some FREE printable Easter glasses printouts! ↖️
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March is Workplace Eye Wellness Month πŸ‘€ check out these tips for how you can protect your eyes from irritating dry eye symptoms:

🍞 If you work in a bakery or food prep environment, airborne particles may irritate your eyes. Employers should also consider investing in proper ...ventilation systems to reduce airborne contaminants. Warm compresses or washing eyes with baby shampoo twice daily may also help alleviate dry eye symptoms caused by airborne particles.
πŸ’§Stay hydrated throughout your workday. Maintaining proper hydration may help the body produce adequate tears to keep the eyes moisturized and avoid dry eye symptoms.
🌬️ Aim any vents blowing onto your face directly in the car or next to your desk away from you. You could add a humidifier and air purifier to your home and office.
πŸ’» 20-20-20 rule: 20 minutes of screen time, reading, or work, a 20-second break to blink, and looking at least 20 feet away.

Read all about Eye Wellness in the Workplace in our latest blog post ↖️ link in our profile

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Ever wonder what Radiofrequency (RF) treatment for dry eyes looks like or how it works? Radiofrequency (RF) is a new treatment that can relieve dry eyes. This new treatment works by using uniform heat at a safe temperature to unblock Meibomian glands (which are in and around the eyelids). After ...treatment, your care provider at #RoyalOakOptometry at #RoyalOakPlaza in #SaanichBC will express your meibomian glands to unblock them and promote healthier oils in your tears. An added benefit of RF treatment is that it increases collagen production, naturally slowing down with age. By increasing collagen growth, RF can help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes. Learn more about Royal Oak Optometry’s dry eye treatments on our website ↖️ link in our profile.