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Sunscreen for your Eyes

The summer months always bring a new life to the city, as people soak up every chance they have to get outside and catch some rays.  It seems that the summers in Victoria are getting warmer every year, and with that we can all use a little reminder to stay protected. While most of us have our own creative ways of keeping covered and avoiding those nasty tan lines, sometimes we forget just how important it is to shield our eyes from harmful UV rays too.

Dr. Gurpreet Leekha, co-owner of Royal Oak Optometry and president of the B.C. Doctors of Optometry, is quoted in an article by Victoria News saying that “the big conditions that we find that are caused and exacerbated by a lifetime of UV exposure are cataracts and macular degeneration.”

Read more about the effects of UV rays on ocular health and what you can do to stay protected on those sunny (and not so sunny) days, with the BC Doctors of Optometry.


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